Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Today I was fortunate enough to join the DFI group to share with them my knowledge about google sheets and forms and how I use them in the classroom.
I took a small group and taught them how to create a Breakout using Google Forms.
I also managed to learn some new things to add to my Kete.
I really liked learning how to create my own google map by uploading from a Google Sheet. We created a map of places people want to visit. Here is the map I created of the Favourite Places we would like to visit

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Sabbatical Website

Well what a busy term it has been, after such a relaxing term 3. I am so excited to release my website I created during my sabbatical in Term 3. Thanks so much to all the schools and teachers in the Kaikohekohe Cluster that I visited during my sabbatical to observe and collect great examples of teaching, digital tools and resources to share.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Sabbatical Update

So my Sabbatical has finally come to an end and what a term it has been. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off. It was great getting out into the schools and seeing what teachers and students are doing!! Seeing all the great programmes and digital tools that teachers are using to support their students' learning and accelerating their progress.
I have collated all the ides of programmes that teachers are using and websites and resources into a site, which is currently in the editing phase and will be published very soon. So watch this space.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sabbatical Term 3 2018

Well, it has been a while since I have updated my Blog so while I have some time up my sleeve I thought I would update you on what I am doing this term.

I was very lucky to be awarded a Sabbatical at the end of last year so here I am, Term 3 and on my Sabbatical. I decided to apply for a sabbatical to support my work I did last year as part of the Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers.

The focus for my sabbatical is:
Investigate the way schools in our Kaikohekohe Cluster are working collaboratively with the support of digital tools to accelerate achievement, especially for priority learners in literacy.

I am hoping to create a resource that teachers will be able to use for their teaching. I want to create a google site that will have links to great websites, apps, programmes and resources that teachers are using to accelerate achievement, especially in literacy. As I am also very passionate about Maths I will include some elements of this also.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

EdTech Summit 2018 - Day One

What an awesome day at the EdTech Summit at Whangarei Girl's High School.  We were all wowed this morning with a keynote from Jim Sill called 'The Beginner in You'. 

There were lots of great sessions that followed. It was great to learn new ideas that I can use in my classroom.

Two things that really stood out from today for me and that I will use in my classroom next term are:
-Using google forms to create quizzes but breakout style and pick a path stories.
-The great learning apps available from the mathlearningcenter.org

I also went to a session on Scratch. I need to do a whole lot of playing in scratch (I have only used scratch jr) to learn more about this wonderful programme that will engage, inspire and challenge my learners.  Love the CS First Coding Club idea and the wonderful tutorial videos.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Final Day at Spark HQ

We have had our final get together at Spark HQ for Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers. Lots of reflecting happened about our inquiries and our journey this year. It has been a great year - developing great friendships with amazing teachers in the other clusters while being challenged to think about our teaching and pedagogy.

As I reflect on my inquiry this year I first think about what has changed for me. I think I have further developed my leadership skills and am more confident to have difficult conversations with teachers. I have enjoyed watching teachers further develop in their collaborative spaces and make changes to meet the needs of their learners. Visible learning has been a great success - all planning is visible and children are using it to drive their learning. 

The following screencastify is of my presentation from ULearn. It explains what we have been doing in our school to accelerate progress for our learners.

Next time I blog I will be able to share the success of our year, for our learners!!!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Spark MIT Presentation

During the term 3 holidays the SPARK MIT grouped attended the ULearn Conference in Hamilton. All of the SPARK MIT Teachers presented their Inquiries in an ignite talk.
We had 6 minutes and 20 slides to present our inquiry.  After our presentation the audience had an opportunity to ask three questions beginning with WHAT? WHY? and HOW?
SPARK MIT 2017 @ ULearn 2017
Dot, Angela, Kelsey, Alicia, Troy, Hinerau, Sandy and Dorothy

Our Audience!!

Me presenting my Ignite about Collaboration, Visible Learning and Digital Tools

Everyone did an awesome job at their presentations. Thanks so much to SPARK and Manaiakalani for supporting us and providing us with this great opportunity to share our inquiries.
It was a very inspiring conference with lots of things to take away and think about.  I picked up some great ideas and great next steps for us moving forward in our collaborative space.

Here is a link to my notes I took from the Keynotes and Breakouts I attended.