Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sabbatical Term 3 2018

Well, it has been a while since I have updated my Blog so while I have some time up my sleeve I thought I would update you on what I am doing this term.

I was very lucky to be awarded a Sabbatical at the end of last year so here I am, Term 3 and on my Sabbatical. I decided to apply for a sabbatical to support my work I did last year as part of the Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers.

The focus for my sabbatical is:
Investigate the way schools in our Kaikohekohe Cluster are working collaboratively with the support of digital tools to accelerate achievement, especially for priority learners in literacy.

I am hoping to create a resource that teachers will be able to use for their teaching. I want to create a google site that will have links to great websites, apps, programmes and resources that teachers are using to accelerate achievement, especially in literacy. As I am also very passionate about Maths I will include some elements of this also.

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