Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sir Ken Robinson Video

So just watched this short video from Sir Ken Robinson talking about changing the education paradigm, so we prepare our student's for the future and how we are killing creativitiy. A very interesting watch and one that we as teachers at Ohaeawai school can really relate to. Towards the end of the video he talks about education still be single classrooms, separate subjects and how we should be getting students to work collaboratively as it is the key to growth.

In our collaborative working spaces at Ohaeawai we are getting students to work collaboratively, teachers are working collaboratively, children are moving to different spaces with a larger classroom space and we are working hard to integrate our subjects through our term themes.

This term our Manaiakalani Outreach themes are Creativity, Empowerment and Engagement.  We need to think carefully how we allow creativity for our students.

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