Saturday, 13 May 2017

Target Students

End of Term One - Where are our target students at?

Every team completed an end of term survey to discuss how collaboration, visible learning and digital tools have contributed to student's learning, especially accelerated progress for our target students.
We then had a staff meeting and discussed the progress of our target students. We discussed what we are doing in our collaborative space, with the support of digital tools and visible learning to help accelerate these learners.

So of the key points were:
- Making use of time where one teacher can manage the team. The other teacher taking accelerating learning groups for feed in lessons of skills before their learning groups)
- Specific target group teaching times (split from the rest of the team) really focusing on their needs. Creating their learning pathways of what they need to do to move to the next level.
This is one student discussing his learning pathway at the end of Term One.

Quote from one of the collaborative teams.
"We believe the children have made accelerated progress by participating in the target group. They have made more progress than children at the same level that were not part of this group."
- Changing groups and teachers when the need arises, not waiting!! Students are not waiting for the rest of the group to catch up etc.
- Providing rewindable learning eg videos, slides etc that the students can revisit if they need to.
- Less whole class time. Students are making use of the class sites / visible learning to come in from break times and get on with their learning instead of waiting for teacher instruction.
Quote: "It has gained us more time to work in a flexible way 1-1 or in small groups with lessons targeted to specific problems as they arise."
-Using mixed ability grouping. Students are learning from one another.
-Students making more use of the commenting tool to provide feedback/feedforward to their peers.
-Having multi-modal sites for the students where they have choice in what they want to learn/create and share.

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