Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Collaboration Framework

As part of the Innovation part of my Inquiry, I wanted to create a framework that teachers could use that related to Collaboration, Digital Tools and Visible Learning. I am about 96% happy with the framework BUT would love any feedback about what teachers/leaders/facilitators etc think.

Collaboration / Digital Tools / Visible Learning Framework

Below are a set of statements for you to think about your practice and where you sit within the context of working in a collaborative learning environment, being at home in the digital world and providing visible learning for your learners.


  1. Kia Ora Alicia
    I really enjoyed exploring your framework and the main parts that resonated with me was the way you scaffolded the growth mindset, visible learning at the same time showing the importance of vulnerability and flexibility. I'm running a workshop with some secondary teachers soon and would love your permission to share this with them?

    1. Hi Viv
      Thanks for your comment. You are very welcome to share this with them and I would love to hear their feedback.

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  3. Kia ora Alicia

    I have been in the process of developing a rubric for kahui ako within and across school teachers and am in awe of the simplicity of your rubric. Collaboration is such an interesting dilemma; we work together and yet work alone because no matter what our ideal is, the individual still has to front up!

    I am also aware of the role of teaching within a digital environment and the amount of time committed by my colleagues to try and meet the ideal. I think that for everyone to be able to meet the top end of rubric and to still have a work life balance (crucial for enthusiasm and energy levels) then teaching should be a four day job within the classroom and one day for site maintenance, planning and evaluation of programmes.

    Thanks for your work. I am sending it on to my colleagues but with the reminder that we all ebb and flow in our work life and some days we will not be working at the top end of the rubric... two of us have classes of thirty four students (soon to be thirty five) and this does have an impact!

    ka kite

  4. With having developed a framework as well, I'm really interested to see and learn about your highlights and challenges around the implementation process. I agree with previous comments, the time factor that is required to maintain digital tools within our teaching and learning programs is particularly taxing for staff. I'm learning that whilst staff belief is developing around VTaL visible teaching and learning, as well as staff capability, motivation is a real killer, due to the time to turn over work digitally, and keep it up to date. I'm currently investigating ways of further developing the belief or vision of how visible learning positively impacts on student achievement, in order to raise motivation around using digital tools to their full potential.