Monday, 13 November 2017

Spark MIT Presentation

During the term 3 holidays the SPARK MIT grouped attended the ULearn Conference in Hamilton. All of the SPARK MIT Teachers presented their Inquiries in an ignite talk.
We had 6 minutes and 20 slides to present our inquiry.  After our presentation the audience had an opportunity to ask three questions beginning with WHAT? WHY? and HOW?
SPARK MIT 2017 @ ULearn 2017
Dot, Angela, Kelsey, Alicia, Troy, Hinerau, Sandy and Dorothy

Our Audience!!

Me presenting my Ignite about Collaboration, Visible Learning and Digital Tools

Everyone did an awesome job at their presentations. Thanks so much to SPARK and Manaiakalani for supporting us and providing us with this great opportunity to share our inquiries.
It was a very inspiring conference with lots of things to take away and think about.  I picked up some great ideas and great next steps for us moving forward in our collaborative space.

Here is a link to my notes I took from the Keynotes and Breakouts I attended.

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