Monday, 4 December 2017

Final Day at Spark HQ

We have had our final get together at Spark HQ for Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers. Lots of reflecting happened about our inquiries and our journey this year. It has been a great year - developing great friendships with amazing teachers in the other clusters while being challenged to think about our teaching and pedagogy.

As I reflect on my inquiry this year I first think about what has changed for me. I think I have further developed my leadership skills and am more confident to have difficult conversations with teachers. I have enjoyed watching teachers further develop in their collaborative spaces and make changes to meet the needs of their learners. Visible learning has been a great success - all planning is visible and children are using it to drive their learning. 

The following screencastify is of my presentation from ULearn. It explains what we have been doing in our school to accelerate progress for our learners.

Next time I blog I will be able to share the success of our year, for our learners!!!

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